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umdasch Madosan Raf Sistemleri San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.
Hasanağa Org. San Bölgesi 1.Cad. No:14,
16130 Nilüfer, Bursa
T +90 224 484 24 44

Take the first step towards turning your dreams into reality! Reach out to our passionate team today and unlock the potential of your project. From answering your inquiries to providing personalized quotes, we're ready to ignite your vision and make your purchase a seamless and satisfying experience. Don't wait, let's bring your ideas to life!


umdasch Store Makers Management GmbH & umdasch Store Makers Amstetten GmbH
Josef Umdasch Platz 1
3300 Amstetten
T +43 7472 69 000
umdasch Store Makers Leibnitz GmbH
Ottokar-Kernstock-Gasse 16
8430 Leibnitz
T +43 3452 700 0
umdasch Logistic Center Leibnitz
Umdasch Straße 1
8435 Hasendorf/Mur
T +43 3452 700 0
umdasch Production Facility Gleinstätten
Gleinstätten 152
8443 Gleinstätten
T +43 3452 7000
umdasch Digital Retail GmbH
Industriezeile 35 / Top 5
4020 Linz
T +43 732 99 54 980
umdasch Sales Office Vienna
Walter Business Park 3, Stiege 2, 1. OG-TOP 3, Straße 7, Objekt 58C
2355 Wiener Neudorf
T +43 2236 90 90 500
umdasch Sales Office Innsbruck
Schießstand 7
6401 Inzing
T +43 5238 56 00 4620
umdasch Product Development Office Vienna
Am Heumarkt 4
1030 Wien


umdasch Store Makers Neidenstein GmbH
Josef-Umdasch-Straße 5-7
74933 Neidenstein
T +49 7263 401 0
umdasch Store Makers Construction GmbH
Lengericher Landstraße 3
49078 Osnabrück
T +49 541 685380 0
umdasch Sales Office Oberhausen
Lessingstraße 18
46149 Oberhausen
T +49 208 62 18 0
umdasch Sales Office Aichach
Gerhauserstraße 5
86551 Aichach
T +49 8251 8727 747
umdasch Seen Media GmbH
Kackertstraße 20
52072 Aachen
T +49 241 99 007 0
umdasch Office Düsseldorf
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 31
40210 Düsseldorf
T +49 211 566 155 0
umdasch Sales Office Duisburg
Mülheimer Straße 72-74
47057 Duisburg
T +49 203 39517 5 555


Umdasch Shopfitting AG
Webereiweg 10
4802 Strengelbach
T + 41 62 737 25 25

Great Britain

umdasch Store Makers United Kingdom Ltd.
4 The Gallery, 54 Marston Street
0X4 1LF Oxford
T +44 18 65 20 78 00


umdasch Store Makers Ireland Ltd.
Tinure Industrial Complex, Monasterboice
Drogheda, County Louth
T +353 1 490 99 41


umdasch Store Makers Croatia d.o.o.
Slavonska avenija 11a
10000 Zagreb
T +385 1 3497531


OOO umdasch RU Doninskoe Shosse, vladenie. 3
140103 Ramenskoe, Moscow Region
T +7 925 090 82 30

Czech Republic

umdasch Story Design a.s.
Moravská 949
570 01 Litomyšl
T +420461613313


Umdasch Shopfitting L.L.C
Unit 5, 48th Street, Dubai Investment Park (DIP) 2
182774 Dubai
T +971 4 341 77 15

Saudi Arabia

umdasch Store Makers Saudi Limited
Level 7, Al Murjana Tower cor. Prince Sultan Street and Al Kayyal Street
PO Box 10113 Jeddah 21433
T +966 12 601 7600
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